Cultists slangs

Cultists slangs

It is a secret means of communication used amoungst the members of the Cabal to hide their intentions, and keep their existence secret.

Confraternities in Nigeria

It is also the language of their magical rituals. All of Cabal history is recorded using this language, and many of its members prefer its use, or have adapted it to their particular needs. For example, the Fanatics use it as a form of inter-squad communication to intimidate their target. It is a derivative of LatinFrench and Sanskrit and has two forms - formal and colloquial.

Little is known of it besides the individual words officially released by Monolithand even this is not a comprehensive list of all the dialogue in this language.

It is sharp, crass, terrifying and meant to unnerve non-cult members.

109 Popular Nigerian Slangs and their Meanings

It is most used in Bloodand generally subdued in Blood IIsince by that time the Cabal had become an international trading empirefor which English is the best language of commerce. However, Fanatics and Zealots can still be heard exclaiming curses. Ishmael also speaks some cultists curses, as does the Prophet including as a BloodBath player modeland Gideon has some recordings of him speaking in cultist.

The language was developed by Daniel Bernstein. This is a comprehensive list of the cultist curses and phrases shouted by Cabal loyalists in Blood and Blood II. This is based on ear alone - some words may be misheard or mistranslated. Words which are unknown or do not show up in the Domus Durbentia are in quotes. On the Blood fan site The Postmortem there was a translator that changes English text into mock cultist.

It was designed to make words look like they are in cultist by adding characters to the words. It has not been available since the main website went down in late View Edit History. Leaders Tchernobog Gideon. Beasts Cheogh Shial Cerberus.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Said as a Cultist chant by Brian Goble.Call: Being a Cultist is now regarded as a normal thing these days. Young boys and Girls now belong to one particular Confraternity or the other and sometimes it could be really hard to tell if your child, neighbor or brother is one of them or if you are around a group of cultist planning to do you harm. All Cultist groups have different Slangs for communicating with themselves.

Special codes they could use to plan their devices in your front without you knowing it. After doing a lot of research and digging, Alongside personal one on one communication with them, here are 35 Cultist Slangs and their Meanings everybody, especially girls should know to be at alert if their planning you harm or evil. Meaning- This is a special name for anyone that is not a member of any cultist but cultist members have eyes on him to be one of them.

If anyone calls you a Noron then they want to Force you to become a cultist. Meaning- Any location that is sure for a cultist to get money either by begging for it or Forcefully collecting it.

God is the ultimate Protector of human life but with these little knowledge on Cultist Slangs and their Meanings we can prevent a lot of bad happenings. Since we know how they talk and what it means we will also know who is who and when to leave a viccinity to avoid Harm or injury from these bad boys.

Do you love the content you just read and think it will be useful to your friends? Then please share this page with your friends via:. AD: Cut plagiarism in your article using this paraphrasing tool rewriter by spinbot. Content in Post 1 1. In-Jew 3 3. Bella 4 4. Sticker 5 5. Talasa 6 6. Odin Ship 10 T 11 Wida You 12 Why are cults so popular among the youths nowadays?

What are the main types of cultism in Nigeria and what symbols do they have? It is possible that lot of people don't even know that there is a list of cults in Nigeria, which usually thrive at universities and even outside of campus. The main reasons of why some people become members of such movements are the lust for the power, riches, and prestigious status in the society. According to the Oxford Dictionary, cultism is a religious or social group whose beliefs are secret, individualistic, and esoteric.

Actually, cultism involves carrying out some ritualistic practices. Usually, cultists share some common objectives and ideas. So, they are unknown to the society and also, some cult leaders' true intentions are unknown even to the members of the particular cult. So, let's summarize the main characteristics of cultism:.

It was founded in by Nobel Prize winning author Wole Soyinka and his friends. After some time, another kind of community was created. Some Nigerian confraternities do not hide their symbols, while others keep them in secret and only members of that cult know what they are. Its two main symbols are a skull, two cross-bones and an anchor.

The cult's purposes are: "against expiring convention, tribalism, for humanistic ideas and partnership and knighthood. InBolaji Crew and some others were expelled from the Pyrates.

cultists slangs

A major impetus for the creation of the new confraternities was the fact that members of the new groups simply did not meet the high academic and intellectual standards set by the Seadogs, and thus considered the original organization to be elitist.

Now you may understand why their symbols and ceremonies are so alike to the Seadogs'. The next confraternity in Nigeria we are going to discuss today is Black Axe.

cultists slangs

Actually, this cultism community was created by neo-black students. Their major goal was the growth of a strong body to confront those black students who suppress them. The symbol of this movement is the axe.Honestly knowing some of this slangs can help o,at least it has helped me before,i almost dated a cult guy who has being asking me out for a long time,he was pretending to be a good church guy till one day he mistakenly sent me a msg that was suppose to be for a fellow cult member.

I have lots of NBM guys as friend and I understand every code and slangs they use Deeminaj : Honestly knowing some of this slangs can help o,at least it has helped me before,i almost dated a cult guy who has being asking me out for a long time,he was pretending to be a good church guy till one day he mistakenly sent me a msg that was suppose to be for a fellow cult member.

Their rival cult has also marked you as one of them You aren't likely to escape the day of hit. They even have one army general among them. But you are one of them. BlackfireX : Can someone tell me just one single benefit of cultism?? They even have one army general among them yeah seen scenario where military men still practise cultism and also oppress other rival cult good that you are in the military but better steer clear from those friends, they can involve you one way or the other funny enough: lol : it will give rival cultist more joy to use a military personnel to count score lol oga soldier cultist suppose de fear you not you being friends with them thank you and have a blessed day.

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Many youths are looking for ways to change their lives and society for good through legitimate earnings in sports,entrepreneurship or pure dint of hardwork,this one is busy compiling cult slangs. I am amazed that any youth in tertiary school still finds any kind of fun in being a cultist.

It should be left for touts,primary or secondary school drop outs and agberos,not any post secondary school adult.

He compiled it as a way to help keep others safe. If you are in a gathering of cultists and you hear a signal given, you can easily decipher its meaning and act appropriately to safeguard yourself.

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This is especially useful for undergraduates. The OP should be commended and not condemned. Baba I know you well for school, Abusites don't need this my gee, I know you well, you shouldn't have posted ur pic, buh we good bro.

Nothing dey. When was he at Abu? Contact me for your professional logo designs. It cost just 2k only Offer valid for today only! A military officer can not hit a military officer no matter what Mind you ive been friends with them since A military officer can not hit a military officer no matter what Mind you ive been friends with them since Being in the circles I can't quite agree more.

Watch The 11 Year Old Eiye Confraternity Hitman

The military cult still runs everything in this country. No cult like the NA. Gjrich : Being a Cultist is now regarded as a normal thing these days. Young boys and Girls now belong to one particular Confraternity or the other and sometimes it could be really hard to tell if your child, neighbor or brother is one of them or if you are around a group of cultist planning to do you harm. All Cultist groups have different Slangs for communicating with themselves.

Special codes they could use to plan their devices in your front without you knowing it. My brother is a Jew - in a sentence 2. In-Jew Meaning- A member of a different Confraternity 3. Talasa Meaning to- To Hit someone till he bleeds 6. T Meaning- When the whole crew is going for an ambush 7. B Meaning- To kill 8. M Meaning- Personal Girlfriend, the one they can can ride for 9. Odin Ship Meaning- When a cultists says this to another cultist then he's referring to the other guy to get him a condom, If you're a girl Flee from the scene!

T Meaning- random chick Wida You Meaning- Use your head At least, one person has been hacked to death in a riot that ensued between two cult groups in Imo area of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. Eyewitness account has it that not less than eight other persons sustained various degrees of injuries in the clash that occurred around pm.

It was gathered that the cultists fled the scene immediately they realised policemen have been mobilised to cordon off the area.

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The deceased, our correspondent learnt, was rushed to the hospital, but he reportedly died in the early hours of Saturday. However, a police source told our correspondent that the remains of the dead victims have been deposited at the mortuary. It was learnt the Ibara police station is on top of the situation as investigations have commenced into the incident.

The offence of trafficking is therefore perceived as based on an organization that, beyond the criminal activity itself, has a highly structured and legitimized social, community and religious base. The aim is therefore to describe the operation — activities and development — of each of these groups in Nigeria and France and then to identify their role and level of involvement in human trafficking.

It is the story of Nigerian women who dreamed of making it to Europe someday, but who immediately landed in prostitution once they did. And it is the story of an Italian nun who is helping these otherwise overlooked women and giving them a voice. The women are easily blackmailed because they often have to pay back the costs of their journeys to Europe.

Increasing their vulnerability is the fact that they are often in the country illegally and some of them have forged passports. According to the International Organization for Migration IOMthe number of victims of human trafficking across the Mediterranean increased by percent between and The nun also learned that the women are often under the control of the Nigerian mafia, who frequently establish contact with the women before they even leave their homeland, provide them money for their journey and then blackmail them with that debt once they arrive in Italy.

They demand exorbitant sums for the trip, up to 50, euros. I rented a car, filled up a thermos with coffee and wrapped up breakfast in paper. I then headed out to the road and to the women. It is a place of silence — silence born out of fear. The traffickers put lots of pressure on the women and they are kept under surveillance. In the beginning, the women were extremely careful in their interactions with me.

It was almost funny, and from that point on, the women trusted me. Poverty was the bridge. Sister Chiara is 39 years old and originally from Sicily. She was against rules and for freedom.Confraternities in Nigeria are secret-society like student groups within higher education that have recently been involved in illegal and violent activities.

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The exact death toll of confraternity activities is unclear. One estimate in was that people had been killed in campus cult-related murders in the previous decade, [1] while the Exam Ethics Project lobby group estimated that students and teachers had been killed between and Soyinka would later note that the Pyrates wanted to differentiate themselves from "stodgy establishment and its pretentious products in a new educational institution different from a culture of hypocritical and affluent middleclass, different from alienated colonial aristocrats".

When fellow students protested a proposal to build a railroad across the road leading to the university, fearing that easier transportation would make the university less exclusive, the Pyrates successfully ridiculed the argument as elitist.

Roughly analogous to the fraternities and sororities of North Americathe Pyrates Confraternity proved popular among students, even after the original members moved on. Membership was open to any promising male student, regardless of tribe or race, but selection was stringent and most applicants were denied.

For almost 20 years, the Pyrates were the only confraternity on Nigerian campuses. In the late s, campuses were roiled by the Nigerian Civil War.

Details are contested, but it appears that in Bolaji Carew and several others were expelled from the Pyrates for failing to meet expected standards. In reaction to this and other events, the Pyrates registered themselves under the name National Association of Seadogs NAS and, at least one source states, pulled the confraternity out of the universities.

Carew went on to found the Buccaneers Confraternity also called the National Associations of Sea Lordslargely copying the Seadogs' structure, symbols and ceremonies. A major impetus for the creation of new confraternities was the fact that members of the new groups simply did not meet the high academic and intellectual standards set by the Seadogs, and thus considered the original organization to be elitist.

The Supreme Eiye Confraternity later metamorphosed into National Association of Airlords NAA in was formed in the University of Ibadan, making it the second oldest confraternity after the pyrate confraternity. In the s confraternities spread throughout the over institutions of higher education in the country. This time period saw a drastic change in the role of the confraternities. The coup of Ibrahim Babangida in caused a large degree of political tension.

Military leaders, beginning in the s, began to see the confraternities as a check on the student unions and university staff, who were the only organized groups opposing military rule.

The confraternities were thus provided payment and weapons to use against student activists, though the weapons were often used in deadly inter-confraternity rivalries. Sociologist Emeka Akudi noted that some university vice-chancellors protected confraternities which were known to be violent and used them to attack students deemed troublesome.

In the early s, confraternity activities expanded dramatically in the Niger Delta as confraternities engaged in a bloody struggle for supremacy.

cultists slangs

Shortly after their arrival, several students were expelled from Abia State University for cheating and "cultism", a reference to the voodoo-practicing confraternities, which marked the beginning of a shift of confraternity activities from the university to off campus.

The consolidation of confraternity activities outside Nigerian University campuses was boosted by the nationwide renouncement of cultism by university students and the breakdown of traditional campus cults all over the country as a result of amnesty granted to all renounced cultists at the onset of the present democratic government. This led to migration of cultists from the campuses to residential neighbourhoods and streets as campuses were no more safe haven for them.

Incompetence of government officials and inadequate facilities to police campuses by University Authorities led to the resurgence of cultism in the campuses as renounced cultists who could not be protected by the Law, went back to their cult groups to seek protection from rival groups who had discerned their identity as a result of the renouncement ceremony.

This resulted in a situation where cult groups were now well established in- and outside the campuses. The Klansmen Konfraternity expanded its influence by creating a "street and creek" wing, Deebam, to fight for and control territory outside of the universities through violence and crime. The Outlaws, another well-known street and creek confraternity, began as a splinter group of the Icelanders German.

Cultist Language

In the late s, all-female confraternities began to be formed. Female confraternities have supplied spies for allied male confraternities as well as acting as prostitution syndicates. OAU had been considered one of the safest universities in the country, largely due to student-organized resistance to the confraternities. After one cult member was shot and killed during an attempted kidnapping inthe confraternities appeared to stay away from the university.

In Februarystudent leaders organized a campus-wide search, which found eight secret cult members who were stockpiling machine guns and other weapons in their dorm room. This enraged the Black Axe confraternity, who organized a murder squad that hacked the student union secretary-general to death in his bed and targeted other student leaders.

In a student assembly called the following day, the president of the Student's Unionwho had escaped the killers by leaping from his window, demanded the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Wole Omole, who was seen as obstructing efforts to fight confraternities, such as by refusing to expel the eight cultists who had been found stockpiling weapons.

Students also manned checkpoints and carried out searches for cult members still on campus, arresting suspects. In one case, students worried about police leniency stormed a police station to re-seize a suspect they had previously turned over. Nigerian Education Minister Tunde Adeniran later dismissed Omole and ordered university administrators to eradicate confraternities from their campuses by September During the first weeks of the school year, confraternity alumni and members swarm campuses recruiting new members.

Initiation ceremonies normally involve severe beatings, in order to test their endurance, as well as ingestion of a liquid mixed with blood.A cult refers to a group of people with similar goals and interest it could be religious, social, spiritual or otherwise. This group could range from a small number of individuals to a large number of people. Its first established appearance was in the s. The argument on the true nature of a cult has been ongoing for centuries. However with reference to the nature of cultism in Nigeria this group is defined as a violent group of individuals, whose ethics and views are mostly only understood by a very limited number of individuals.

They are a dangerous group of people prone to violent practices at the slightest provocation.

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There are sometimes referred to by the term secret cult as their objectives are main known only to their members alone. Like any organization, they operate in hierarchy as they also have leaders and sub leaders. The first cult group in Nigeria was referred to as the Pyrates. It was formed by Wole Soyinka and six other students in This group also goes by the name National Association of Sea Dogs.

Although this group is reported to have been harmless in its formative years, its creation eventually led to the establishment of many more cult groups over the years. These cult groups have mostly become a menace to society as they endanger the lives of not only its members but innocent individuals also, as they mostly made up of power hungry bullies.

These cults are also referred to as a confraternity. As earlier stated, the pyrates confraternity was the pioneer cult group in Nigeria and was set up in at the University College Ibadan. It was set up by seven students referred to as the magnificent seven.

Their symbol constitutes an anchor, a skull and two crossed bones. This cult was never intended to be violent it was meant to be a gathering of people with academically and intellectually sound minds. From this group, other confraternities were born. This cult was created by Bolaji Carew who after being expelled from the pyrates in for falling below the standard for membership of the pyrates, started this group alongside a few other expelled members. This cult eventually grew to become an arch enemy of its mother cult.

Their symbol is a skull flanked on both sides by two machetes and a single bone. It was established by a group of students in the University of Benin in as a neo-black movement. This group was aimed at creating a stronghold which could withstand confrontation on behalf of black students. It is said to be a movement which was started by a group of people from a Neo-black South African organization. Their rules are never to betray, forgive and whoever goes against the rules has to pay the price.

Their symbol is a black axe breaking the chains off two black fists. It was established in University of Ibadan in

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