What happened to jj clarke ctv news ottawa

What happened to jj clarke ctv news ottawa

Three people are dead and 24 passengers were taken to hospital after a tour bus rollover at the Columbia Icefield near Jasper, Alta. One of the first Indigenous women to join the Manitoba RCMP is now suing the force for alleged systemic racism she experienced, including unequal pay and years of discrimination that culminated in psychological trauma.

Three people are dead after a tour bus rollover at the Columbia Icefields near Jasper, Alta.

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Richard Crouse hosts in-depth interviews with celebrity guests and entertainment insiders. Stream free now. Watch CTV News' hour news channel for breaking news and added context.

Coronavirus Explained. What it's like to go to a Canadian casino during the pandemic. Canadian recovering after days in ICU Man in coma from virus wakes up paralyzed How many kids have died from coronavirus? Coronavirus in Canada. Outbreak in Vancouver newborn intensive care unit. Why are international flights still coming in? Quebec recovery numbers skyrocket Alberta Hutterite colony refutes outbreak claim. Around the World. Meet the man who made the N95 mask.

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CDC extends U. Ex-officer suing RCMP says she didn't understand racism until joining force. Mounties investigate racist letter sent to Pictou Landing First Nation chief 'JewishPrivilege' hashtag trends on Twitter as users fight back against anti-Semitism. Masks now mandatory in all indoor public places across Quebec. Russian ambassador rejects virus vaccine hacking claims.

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CTV National News false. Protesters splatter new messages on controversial statues. Montreal students designing NFL helmet to reduce concussions. Watch more Riot declared by Portland police after building set on fire.

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Feds deny Blue Jays' request to play at home in Toronto. Masks now mandatory indoors in Quebec as cases grow. Watch more video Prince Andrew doesn't appear in daughter's wedding photos released by palace. Jellied salad, a staple of s cuisine, is making a comeback in Don't Miss false. Civil rights legend John Lewis dies at years-old. Future of bees in Canada unsure with expanding agriculture.

Kansas zoo animals given frozen treats to keep cool. Paddler on fundraising journey for cousin battling cancer. Jellied salads making a return among younger generations. Crews dismantle collapsed crane in downtown Toronto. At least three killed in Alberta bus accident.Message the mods to help set up events, include your ideas in the wiki or anything else in between. He will be back on Monday JJ will be back monday.

Oh wow. Was it ever discussed exactly what was going on?

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I saw him on the air a few times completely frazzled. His shirt was buttoned unevenly, collar all out of whack He also looks like he's wearing an old. Seriously, it looks like a baby head on top of a grown man's suit I know it's a top story, but you'd think that CTV would be a bit more careful when they list "related clips" underneath the video. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?

what happened to jj clarke ctv news ottawa

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what happened to jj clarke ctv news ottawa

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Just saw him on tv too. Looks and sounds like a completely different person. He was ill. I just posted the same thing. I'll delete it.

He looked really bad. Hope he's ok. Addiction Help.After completing his university education in Nova Scotia, and enrolling in the College of Sports Media in Toronto, Matt Skube began his broadcasting career in his hometown of Thunder Bay. He attributes much of his early success to the ability to showcase his personality, which he did through humour and fun as a weekend sports anchor.

Since Matt was a local, he knew his way around town, he had a network of contacts, and was able to show viewers who he was, all of which allowed him to jump right into his job and never look back.

Just two short years later, he made the move to Ottawa to work for CTV in Matt and his wife, Tricia, just welcomed their first baby in February and are adjusting to their new life as a family of 4 that math adds up if you read on.

We chatted with him about his adventures in storytelling, his passion for giving back in the community, and all the little things he loves about Ottawa.

Why are you so interested in telling news stories, and what got you hooked on this career path? From a young age, I learned that everyone has a story to tell.

When I was a kid, I talked to people all the time — ask my mom! One of her favourite stories to tell is when I was about 7 or 8, we were riding the subway in Toronto after a Blue Jays game. Clearly, storytelling has been ingrained in me for a long time, and there is no story too small or seemingly unimportant. FX that I really started to think about it as a career.

I was able to broadcast games and became the sports editor of the school paper, the Xaverian Weekly. I got hooked and the rest, as they say, is history.

What has your experience been like in your different roles there? Starting out filling in for J. Every role offers something different. Anchoring at the desk is an opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the newscast.

Doing the weather allows me to show a little more of my personality.

CTV News at 5’s Matt Skube Reflects On His Career & Life As A New Father

In media, as well as in a growing number of workplaces, versatility is now an essential skill.The newsroom was headed by popular anchor Max Keeping and in the battle for local ratings, CJOH was far ahead of its competitors where it remains today. I was heartbroken when I heard the news. It was a sad end for the station. The fire was certainly a dramatic moment, but other factors, including the rebranding of CJOH into CTV Ottawa, have come into play in the months and years since.

The station has had more than its share of tragedy. Respected sportscaster Brian Smith was gunned down in the CJOH parking lot in by a man who believed the station was broadcasting messages in his head. And last December, beloved late-night anchor Leigh Chapple died suddenly at home about 17 months after she retired from the station.

Almost four years into the job, Richardson acknowledges it was a tall order taking over from Keeping. He arrived when the station was in transition. The newsroom staff was being reduced and in a changing media landscape, management has sought to run a leaner operation out of its ByWard Market location, which houses two TV stations and four radio stations.

I literally feel born to do the job. Richardson said yes out of a desire to lay down permanent roots here for his family.

I hear that all the time. So when someone as accomplished as Carol Anne has been with one anchor for a long time and a new guy comes in, making it work is work. What is affecting CTV Ottawa is similar to what is affecting the media landscape in this country from newspapers like The Citizen to radio stations and to local TV stations.

CBC had a 1. The most recent ratings for Richardson and Meehan from spring showed their nightly newscast had dropped to a 7. The new ratings numbers for the fall were out this week and the numbers for the station are up to 7. Richardson said that despite the evolving media world, the station still remains the news leader in the local TV market by a wide margin.

We are the television station in this region. Kathie Donovan, co-host of Regional Contact, retired last year, leaving her TV partner Joel Haslam to carry on alone with the show, which has been shortened and blended into nightly newscasts. It took more than a year for the station to name a replacement for the late-night anchor. Former sports reporter Patricia Boal is now the permanent host after she was brought in months ago to first handle the weather, sports and weekend anchoring.

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In the advertising department, Bell Media let go five people last fall, including general sales manager Dan Champagne and salesman Luigi Maiorino. We had more employees, they were off on the other side of the building but they felt threatened by us. He said Gray is trying to run the station with as few employees as possible.

He said tough decisions had to be made regardi ng staffing, and costs were cut to remain competitive. But it was necessary for us to initiate to create a more efficient and modern broadcast business.

Bell Media Ottawa currently employs about people, full time. In its heyday, CJOH had almost double the number of employees. There are plans to fill eight vacancies, said Gray, and the station recently took on Matt Skube to handle weekend weather and Andy Barbato for the weekend sportscasts.

I think the same thing holds true here. I believe strongly in fostering a positive workplace environment and having a highly energized workplace culture is something you should be constantly striving to create and maintain.

And along with slipping ratings have come on-air glitches, from badly timed cues to missing news footage to incorrect graphics. The studio cameras are fixed and remotely switched back and forth, says one former staffer.On cablethe station is available on Rogers Cable channel 7 in the Ottawa area. The channel 6 transmitter in Deseronto became operational in to serve the Kingston and Belleville markets.

Standard Broadcasting owned the station from to ; that year, after a CRTC decision authorized Baton Broadcasting to launch a new independent station in Ottawa, [6] Standard responded to the potential new competition by selling CJOH to Baton, who then surrendered the new independent license.

On August 1,the station's longtime sports anchor Brian Smith was shot in the station's parking lot by Jeffrey Arenburga released mental patient with a history of threatening media personalities, who claimed the station was broadcasting messages inside his head. Smith died in hospital the following day. The newsroom was destroyed by a four-alarm fire during the early morning hours of February 7,destroying equipment and the news archives.

The building itself remained intact until it was demolished by the end of December With the exception of networked shows Your Morning along with its predecessor Canada AM and Question Periodnone of these programs are available in high definition. Local newscasts under the name CTV News are aired weekdays at noon, 6 p.

Inthe 6 p. From December 10, to autumnthe noon and 6 p. The Sunday 6 p. On July 7,the station unveiled a new studio to accompany the transition to high definition news production.

A long list of CTV rebroadcasters nationwide were to shut down on or before August 31,as part of a political dispute with Canadian authorities on paid fee-for-carriage requirements for cable television operators. On June 27,it was announced that Bell Media filed a proposal with the CRTC to shut down 40 of its television transmitters all rebroadcasters of other stationsdue to maintenance costs, high cable and satellite viewership, and no generation of revenue.

On August 31,when Canadian television stations in CRTC-designated mandatory markets transitioned from analogue to digital broadcasts[25] the station flash cut its digital signal into operation on VHF channel The station's news operations completed upgrades to high definition capabilities, and the first HD news broadcast took place on July 7, starting with the noon hour newscast.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CTV station in Ottawa. CJOH's former logo — TV Channel Lists. Retrieved July 19, Shaw Satellite G. Ottawa Citizen. Retrieved The Globe and MailMarch 3, The Globe and MailJuly 15, Archived from the original on CTV News Ottawa. Broadcast Dialogue. Retrieved April 30, July 30, Broadcast television in the Ottawa — Gatineau market. CBOT 4. CJOH CIVO Lawrence Valleyincluding Watertown. Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with cable television Canadian and U.

WWNY 7.Message the mods to help set up events, include your ideas in the wiki or anything else in between. For me it was Leigh Chappel flubbing her reading of the teleprompter multiple times per broadcast and the numerous technical snafus no audio, wrong B roll, etc.

what happened to jj clarke ctv news ottawa

And being really late to go to HDTV. This brings me back. Anyone remember the name of the local music show he hosted? I think it was on Sundays. This is from the comments on a picture he posted on Tuesday. He seems to be hinting that he's coming back. I haven't watched the news since I stopped paying for cable in I remember his face as the one in his twitter picture.

That August picture, wow. I barely recognize him. Source Why? Creator ignoreme deletthis. He will be back. He has been battling a major illness. He was to come back in August but his health said otherwise. He was out at Thanksgiving at his local church dinner.

Alcoholism is very serious, it takes a long time to overcome alcoholic tendencies. That is not at ALL what happened. Shame on you. I won't disclose what out of respect for privacy but it's not even close to that.

Delete this lie. That's what happens when Bell Media takes over and has to squeeze every cent of profit out. Then they lay off the good talent citing budget issues.

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Want to add to the discussion?Getting to learn from the best in the business was an honour. Watching him work every night was a treat, but he's an even better person. Enjoy retirement J! Trying to make sense of another tragedy. My brother-in-law flew with, was deployed with and trained with some of the crew members who went down in the helicopter crash off the coast of Greece.

This is his tribute. The toast to the fallen is a standard part of a Mess Dinner, and it seems only fitting that we raise a glass in their honour tonight. Per Ardua Ad Astra. Please share so we can find the owners! Found at Young and Breezehill. Thanks Tricia Anne for the stealthy retrieval! No collar unfortunately. For a man who has no idea who the heck he can be. Can't say enough about Evan Solomon.

He helped give CTV News at an identity when we started out over two years ago. We covered some serious topics, but always found time for laughs, as well as the occasional jab at his wardrobe choices. Going to miss you Solomon!

Super excited to meet and engage with kids dedicated to making a difference this weekend! If you have or know young people who want to give back to their community, come hang out with us on Saturday at Tom Brown Arena. And hopefully gusthegoldenboy behaves himself! Can't wait - will you be joining us?! There's been a lot of tears in the newsroom this past week. Unbelievably heart-breaking story.

As a new parent myself, I can't imagine what Rachel and Rob are going through right now. Sending love and strength to baby Tessa and her family.

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